Pre-Engineering Information

The thriving Pre-Engineering Program at Lafayette High School is designed to provide every student with the skills needed to succeed in such mathematically rigorous and technical fields as engineering, architecture, medicine, computer programming, mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics.
The program emphasizes higher-order thinking skills by using technology to solve real-world problems. Students can see applications of the math and science skills they are learning as well as apply them in the classroom through a challenging curriculum.

  • The IOWA test of Basic Skills (Math and Science portion) will be administered to all students seeking admission to the Pre-Engineering Program on either Friday, November 17th from 4:30-6:30 PM or on Saturday, November 18th, from 9-11 AM.  Please click here to sign up to take this test. You must be registered.

  • Please note:  If your student is also considering the MSTC program at Dunbar, he/she should plan on taking the IOWA test with Mrs. Young on Saturday November 11th.  We will receive scores from that weekend. He/she will not have to retest.

  1. Apply using the online application on the FCPS website ( between August 15 and October 7th, 2017.
  2. Have your parents obtain a copy of your middle school transcript for the 6th, 7th and first grading period of the 8th grade from your middle school registrar or counselor. If you are currently enrolled in a Fayette County Public Schools middle school, this will be provided automatically. Private school transcripts must be mailed in.
  3. Have the letters of recommendation from the Pre-Engineering page on the Lafayette website (Click Here) filled out, signed and placed in a sealed envelope by one middle school math and one middle school science teacher who would be acquainted with your abilities and interest in math and science. Unsigned recommendations will NOT be accepted.
  4. Complete the student questionnaire which can be found on the Lafayette website (Click Here).
  5. ALL students enrolling must be at a level of Advanced Geometry or above in 9th grade.
  6. There will be a placement test given in the fall; you will receive more information about date and time after the online application window has closed.

Students who are assigned to other high schools may also apply.

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