LHS History

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Lafayette High School opened its doors for the first time in 1939 to replace Picadome High School. The school was named for the Marquis de Lafayette, the French general who gained fame in the Revolutionary War. The family of the Marquis de Lafayette granted the school permission to use their family Coat of Arms.

Lafayette Vision Statement

Lafayette High School is committed to preparing self-sufficient, responsible community contributors through purposeful learning and high expectations for all.


The Lafayette High School community is committed to the shared vision of a climate and culture that promotes purposeful learning. A professional and enthusiastic staff challenges students to excel both academically and behaviorally.

A positive learning environment in every classroom invites learning and participation by all students. Students engaged in meaningful learning tasks eagerly contribute to the overall atmosphere of high expectation and peer mentoring to achieve these high standards. The rigorous curriculum ensures that every student will leave Lafayette with the skills and knowledge to make the transition to the next level of their education or career. Students will demonstrate proficiency in the core content areas of mathematics, reading, writing and science so they can contribute to their community as responsible, productive life-long learners.

A safe, focused environment in a well-maintained facility encourages academic excellence and instills a sense of pride in Lafayette High School. Positive attitudes of the student body, faculty and staff reinforce high expectations both academically and behaviorally. These attitudes rest on a foundation of mutual respect for all members of the Lafayette community.

National institutions that recognize academic excellence acknowledge the high standards and expectations that Lafayette holds for itself. ACT and SAT scores that are considerably higher than state or national averages testify to the rigorous academic standards of Lafayette. The diverse extracurricular activities Lafayette offers consistently earn superior ratings at all levels.

The learning environment of Lafayette High School is richly connected to the outside world as students extend their class room learning experiences into the community through internships, mentorship, job shadowing and post-secondary opportunity fairs. A school-community liaison integrates our school into the larger community by corporate sponsorships for learning activities and promotion of school programs and events. A network of community members, graduates, and parents supports and reinforces these connections.

The rich and encouraging environment provides a common vision that will challenge our students to continue to stay in school and graduate in numbers exceeding the national average. As each new generation of students realizes this vision for themselves, the acceptable standard for excellence will continue to increase so that Lafayette is always working to make itself better with each new generation.

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