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This is the year to stay on course in your pursuit of a college education.  Planning
ahead can keep you from getting overwhelmed.  Be aware of your deadlines!


There is a list of scholarships and their deadlines in the Counseling office, updated weekly.  Any and every scholarship that comes through our office is on that list.

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

Completing this form is the ONLY way to qualify for Federal and State grants and loans.  Go to to complete the forms.

These are REALLY helpful websites regarding Financial Aid and money for college!!

Guide to Paying for College - Financial Aid, Scholarships, Savings, & Student Loans


Academic Common Market - You may be able to use your KEES money at schools in the pink states.  Check out page 23.  Your KEES award can be used at any participating accredited public or private school in Kentucky, including community colleges.

KEES Scholarship
  • Students must have a 2.5 unweighted GPA for a particular year to earn KEES money.
  • The only classes that are given weighted credit for KEES are AP Courses (not advanced).
  • Each student's highest ACT score is submitted at the end of the senior year.
  • Students must earn at least 5 credits each year to qualify for KEES money.
  • Get more information at
  • Students should create an account at to get information on scholarships, access KEES account, etc.
  • Go to "Zip Access" at the top of the screen to sign in and create an account.
  • If you earned KEES money you should receive a letter from KHEAA in September of the new school year.

Mary Jo Young Scholarship

The Mary Jo Young Scholarship is named for former KHEAA Board of Directors member Mary Jo Young in recognition of her outstanding history of public service in her local community and for the Commonwealth of Kentucky to improve educational opportunities for Kentuckians. It is for high school students in grades 9 through 12 enrolled in dual credit classes at any college or university or students taking Advanced Placement courses through the Kentucky Virtual High School. Students can receive tuition and book reimbursement for up to two courses each semester. Awards are made with priority to low–income students.  Applic-ations for the 2011–2012 year are no longer being accepted. Information regarding the 2012–2013 process will be available spring 2012.

First Scholars Program:

The mission of First Scholars is to dramatically increase the graduation rate of first-generation college students — students whose parents have no education beyond high school. We do this by providing these students with individualized academic and social support, personal development, and financial assistance.


Scholarships at Berea College

  • Best known for the 4-year tuition scholarship every student receives when they enroll.  The laptops provided to each enrolled student allow the professors to use technology to enrich the classroom experience.

Scholarships at EKU

  • This year, for our merit based scholarships, the process is automaticThere is no application process! If the student meets the criteria then they are automatically awarded a scholarship.  The student must be admitted by Feb 1st in order to be awarded any type of money.   If they meet the qualifications, they are contacted by mail for their award.


Scholarships at KSU

  • The Academic Scholarship Program at Kentucky State University is designed to recognize and reward students who have exemplified academic excellence. Scholarships are awarded by the Admissions Office to entering students who have not completed a bachelor’s degree program. Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis, and many are renewable for subsequent semesters.

Scholarships at Morehead State University

  • Morehead State University's scholarship program recognizes and assists qualified students with scholastic excellence and leadership.  All scholarship applicants must be admitted first to MSU.  All scholarships are subject to the availability of funds.


Scholarships at Murray State University

  • Murray State University has numerous academic and leadership scholarship opportunities. To be considered, students must apply online every year. The deadline for application for all undergraduate (high school seniors, current college students, transfer students) is January 15 each year.  To be competitive, it is recommended to have a 25 ACT, a 3.2 GPA and leadership responsibilities. Provide a resume and one letter of recommendation. College level work should be with a 3.0 GPA or better.

Scholarships at UK

  • The University of Kentucky Academic Scholarship Program offers aid to outstanding students who demonstrate the potential for superior academic performance.  Several departments & colleges within the University administer their own scholarships.


Scholarships at U of L

  • Students must have all admission documents and scholarship credentials on file by January 15 to be eligible.  Students only have to fill out one scholarship application to apply for all awards.  Minimum requirements to apply for academic merit scholarships are 3.35 GPA and a 25 ACT or 1130 SAT (CR + M).



Websites to help you: - Check for scholarships! - Scholarships for ALL students - to conduct a free, college scholarship search. - to get information on preparing for the ACT exam. - assists with test prep using online practice tests. - to complete Individual Learning Plan. - Career Outlook. - College Planning Made Easier. - Need Money for College? - find out how to spot a scam. - free scholarship matching service - Students and parents need a PIN to e-sign FAFSA on the Web.


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