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Welcome to the Counseling Office at Lafayette!

LHS Mission Statement: The mission of Lafayette High School is to promote high academic achievement through respect, responsibility, wellness, and equal opportunity for all students!

Current Announcements


//Governor's School for Entrepreneurs

We're excited to announce GSE 2017 will be held at Transylvania University from June 25, 2017 to July 15, 2017. Click the link below to apply. For more information click on one of the videos below or visit

//Commonwealth Honors Academy

The Commonwealth Honors Academy will be held June 10 through July 1, 2017 at Murray State University. I have the criteria and the application on my desk. They have to be rising seniors, ACT composite score of 25 or better and a 3.5 GPA. During this Academy, the students will receive 6 hours of university studies credit; have the opportunity to take an additional 6 hours – tuition free; and be awarded a four-year $2,000 per year housing scholarship to Murray State University.

Deadline: March 1, 2017

//ACT Review Course

The College Project's spring ACT review course will begin the first week of May and run for 6 weeks prior to the June 11th ACT. The course is geared towards sophomores taking the test for the first time and juniors who are wanting to increase their scores. Download the course schedule and / or register for the course here

Any further questions, please call 859-619-0439


Seniors, we are required to have all Seniors complete THIS sheet prior to graduation. Thanks for your help by completing this in a timely manner!


The Early Graduation Pathway was rolled out by the Kentucky Department of Education this year.  For more information, click here to check their website.


ReadySetLaunch is a FREE personal college advising program for low-income high school students provided by current Yale undergraduates. RSL’s mission is to provide no-cost, quality college advising to talented, financially disadvantaged high school students who are motivated to attend college. Through one-to-one mentoring, RSL seeks to level the playing field for the promising college-bound students of tomorrow.  Come to the counseling office for more information.

**ACT Prep - plus many other great resources!**

//ACT Prep and Tuturing Services -

//ACT Prep Webinars -

//TorchPrep (

//The College Project (

//NaviGo College and Career Prep Services (

**Scholarship Offers**

Seniors, click on this link to learn more about some possible scholarships!

**Students and Parents**

There is a fantastic resource for testing that was just passed on to us.  It's called Test Date Central.  It has all of the national test dates along with great test prep resources.  Check it out here!



Meet Your Counselor


**Assigned to students by Grade and Last Name


Tracey Lilly

9th (A-Ci)  10th (A-Co)

11th (A-Co)  12th (A-Ce)


Shaun Cook

9th (Cl-Gr)  10th (Cr-Har)

11th (Cr-Hi)  12th (Ch-G)


Arin Leber

9th (Gu-Li)  10th (Has-L)

11th (Ho-Me)  12th (H-L)


Mark Roberts

9th (Ll-N)  10th (M-Pe)

11th (Mi-O)  12th (M-N)


Sarah Day

9th (O-Sn)  10th (Pi-Sp)

11th (P-So)  12th (O-Se)


Sally Adams

9th (So-Z)  10th (St-Z)

11th (Sp-Z)  12th (Sh-Z)


Carol Hetrick

Counseling Office Secretary

P: 859.381.3481
or 859.381.3483



Tracy B

Tracy Baker

Counseling Office Secretary

P: 859.381.3481
or 859.381.3483




Cathy Martin


P: 859.381.3481
F: 859.381.4950




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